The The National Collective System of Rewarding Alternative Packaging Management ‘REWARDING RECYCLING’ is a non-profit body that exclusively serves the public interest, approved by the Ministry of Environment & Energy; its mission is to organize and promote packaging recycling across the country.

Since TEXAN started operating ‘REWARDING RECYCLING’, it has been supplying it with high-tech equipment systems (the so-called 'recycling cabins') to implement the legal requirement for 'Sorting at Source` in separate streams of packaging materials (plastic, glass, metal and paper).

In particular, TEXAN, holding all the necessary licenses and certifications for the receipt, transfer, storage and utilization of all recyclable materials, as defined by the relevant institutional operating framework, it makes available to ‘REWARDING RECYCLING’ the following types of equipment:

Integrated Rewarding Recycling Centers


The Integrated Centers are large-scale special structures, where state-of-the-art automatic machines are installed and operate to recycle:

1. Plastic bottles (in the slot of the respective machine)

2. Metal boxes made of aluminum or tinplate (in the slot of the respective machine)

3. Plastic bottles (in the slot of the respective machine)

4. Plastic bags (in external slot of the Recycling Center)

5. Large plastic, metal and glass packaging that cannot be placed inside the machines (an external slot of the Recycling Center is used)

6. Paper (in an external slot of the Recycling Center)

Multi-purpose facilities of Rewarding Recycling


At the Multi-purpose facilities of Rewarding Recycling, consumers return their packaging for recycling in bulk, becoming the second country, worldwide, after Sweden operating this multi-purpose facilities.

√ Automatic identification of recyclable material
√ Accepts and processes more than 100 packages per minute.
√ High storage capacity for storing compressed material

With the new multi-purpose facilities of Rewarding Recycling, which is the most advanced packaging recycling equipment, recycling is moving to its new stage of development and Greek citizens are now recycling in the easiest and fastest way in the world.


PV Mobile Integrated Rewarding Recycling Center for packaging



√ It is the world’s first and only one worldwide
√ it is energy-autonomous
√ it does not need industrial three-phase power because the electricity required is produced from the sun, while it includes 3 high-tech automatic rewarding recycling machines.