The US company ENVIPCO (Environmental Products Company) in Connecticut of the United States, active in many countries around the world, is the recognized leader in the development and operation of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), which are technologically automated recovery systems for used packaging. Known for its innovative technology and market leadership, ENVIPCO owns many intellectual property rights for Reverse Vending Machine systems (RVMs), including, but not limited to, refund vouchers, money, material type recognition, compression and counting.

TEXAN S.A. Environmental Management, the exclusive distributor of ENVIPCO in Greece and Cyprus, is a recognized leader in the operation of Reverse Vending Machines (VMRVs) in these countries and is cooperating with the main organizations and companies to develop packaging recycling.

TEXAN and ENVIPCO joined hands and invested in environmental protection, creating in Greece the FIRST plant for the production of recycling machines (ULTRA- 48) beyond the borders of the United States, making Greece a central hub across Europe.

Innovation and creativity are the key words to describe our exhibits and the 'Circular Economy' is the heart of our operations. Therefore, our machines presented for the 1st time in Greece are the quintessence of inventiveness in recycling technology.

‘’We build recycling machines for plastic, metal and glass packaging, actively contributing to the circular economy, with cutting-edge technology and a vision for a better environment’’.

... Because Recycling is everybody's concern!




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