The operation of Recycling Centers practically demonstrates the Corporate Social Responsibility displayed by TEXAN.

The use of recycled packaging (aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, plastic bags etc) results in the strengthening of the national economy’s fundamentals:    

  • by saving electricity:

    The production of aluminum is the most energy-intensive on a global scale. Recycling each aluminum box requires only 5% of the electricity that would be required to produce this package from bauxite (raw material) and alumina.
  • by saving raw materials:

    Each packaging to be recycled is "secondary raw material". As a result, there is considerable money saving deriving from avoiding direct purchase of raw materials for the production of new packaging and products. Typical examples:
    • Aluminum: Saving bauxite

    • Paper: no trees will be felled (recycling 1000 kg of paper saves 17 trees)

    • Plastic: we save the oil it is produced from

    • Glass: the wetlands sand needed to produce it (1 kg glass = 750g of sand) is spared