What is recycling?

Recycling is the rescue of a material that, while it has been used and seems useless, has not lost its value and can be used for much longer. Therefore, instead of rejecting it in the environment, we are returning it to the economic cycle, achieving environmental protection, saving raw materials and energy.

Did You know that ...

  • the paper is produced by tree logs, while 2.200 kg of tree logs are produced from 1.000 kg of paper?
  • the glass is produced from sand of wet lands, lime and soda, while 1.100 kg of these materials are produced from 1.000 kg of glass?
  • that aluminum is produced from mineral bauxite, while from 4.000 kg of bauxite are produced 1.000 kg of aluminum ?
  • the plastic is produced from oil and absorbs 4% of world oil consumption for its production?


What are the benefits from recycling?

Recycling only brings exceptionally significant benefits. By participating in the recycling process, you are also involved in:

  • Preventing environmental pollution
  • Saving energy, because when a material is produced using recycled raw material, much less energy is required than if the full production cycle were to be followed
  • Saving raw material, because recycled materials replace the raw material needed to produce materials

Do you know that by recycling...

  • 1.000 kilos of paper
    • 17 trees are not felled?
    • 130 kilos of oil , are saved that would be used for the generation of energy required to create paper?



  • 1.000 kilos of glass
    • wetlands sand will not be wasted?
    • 12 kilos of oil , are saved that would be used for the generation of energy required to create glass?



  • 1.000 kilos of aluminium
    • 4,57 tons of Bauxite are not extracted?
    • 700 kilos of oil , are saved that would be used for the generation of energy required to create aluminum?



  • 1.000 kilos of plastic
    • will not take 500 years for these quantities to be decomposed by the environment?
    • 732 kilos of gases generated by plastic production and contributing to the greenhouse effect will not be released in the atmosphere?


Did you know that ...

with the electricity required to make 1 box of aluminum you could:

  • listen to the radio for 4 hours



  • watch television for 3 hours



  • switch on a 60-Watt lamp for 5 hours



  • operate a refrigerator for 3 hours


... because the future of this world rests in children and the environment!

Advantages from recycling


  • Saving raw materials and electricity
  • Improving the national economy’s fundamentals
  • Creating jobs
  • A positive contribution to the purchasing power of citizens
  • Reducing the volume of waste
    • Less need for landfill sites
    • Reducing municipal costs
  • Cleaner environment
    • Reducing the packages that ends up in the sea
    • Reducing electricity consumption in the production of new packaging (e.g. recycling a single aluminum box saves energy equal to what we need to listen to 4 hours of radio)