Under the "Corporate Social Responsibility" program, ΤΕΧΑΝ proceeded to a generous DONATION to support the new intensive Care Unit of  "EVANGELISMOS" General Hospital for Covid-19 hospital wing.

This is a very important initiative, as the pandemic continues to put pressure on the public health system and to create great needs in health care institutions.

TEXAN with a strong sense of Rewarding vis-à-vis society, also supports the health sector in our country. Today, the first of the 9 medical equipment deliveries took place and concerned 240 TOPFIT Amedic head covers (innovative ultrasound probe covers).

The donation was attended by Mr. Apostolos Mourgos , President of Texan, Mrs. Anastasia Kotanidou, Deputy Professor of Pneumonology-Intensive Medical Care, at the School of Medicine, Kapodistrian University & Director of A’ Intensive Care Clinic at "Evangelismos" General Hospital and Mr. Anastasios Grigoropoulos, Director at "Evangelismos" General Hospital.