Mr. Dimitris Tsouvalas General Manager, Mr Apostolos Mourgos, President ofΤΕΧΑΝ, Mrs. Aria Dagla Marketing & Communications Manager

TEXAN was awarded at this year’s Green Brand Awards with five (5) awards -1 Platinum, 3 Gold and 1 Silver, standing out for “Corporate Social Responsibility” initiatives and its actions for a ‘greener’ planet! 

In particular, at the awards ceremony, held on Thursday, March 21, 2024, TEXAN stood out for the Corporate Social Responsibility Program "We donate € 1.000.000 - It's up to you how to allocate it" with a Platinum and Gold award in the Green Marketing & CSR Actions category, as well as with a Silver award in the Green CSR category. 

It is worth noting that it is one of only three companies awarded with the Platinum Award winning the highest score in the entire unit it participated in.


Mr. Apostolos Mourgos, President of TEXAN receives the GOLD award in the Green Events category for the “Zero Waste Concert” with Konstantinos Argyros

In addition, for the “Zero Waste Concert” with Konstantinos Argyros, a Gold Award in the Green Events category was granted to TEXAN, while for the Big Educational Recycling Competition for Primary & Secondary Schools of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, a Gold Award was granted in the Green Education category! 

In the context of an institution that rewards excellence and innovation in products, services and development processes that promote GREEN economy and Eco Living, the criteria evaluating the nominations were creativity, design and innovation, effectiveness and environmental awareness.


Mr. Apostolos Mourgos, President of TEXAN, Mrs. Konstantina Skanavi, President of the Jury & Professor at the University of Western Attica

Through the CSR program "We donate € 1.000.000 - It's up to you how to allocate it", TEXAN rewards companies and organizations that contribute with their projects to important pillars, such as the environment, education, health and the local community. All citizens join this effort, as they decide themselves where the prize money will be donated, voting here their preferred organizations by May 31st.

By this initiative, TEXAN practically demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection, educational progress, health improvement and support of local communities, while communicating the benefits and importance of recycling to everyone concerned.

Moreover, TEXAN proceeded in October 2023 to a big Zero Waste concert starring Konstantinos Argyros, at the Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki, conveying the strong message of recycling for a better and more sustainable future. The event was zero carbon footprint with ZERO WASTE certification as the materials used during the event were all recycled.

In addition, TEXAN held a Big Educational Recycling Competition for Primary & Secondary Schools of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the Municipality and under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports. Upon completion of the competition, TEXAN offered exceptional gifts to the 4 school classes that collected the highest number of materials. It is noted that the respective Educational Competition is in progress for the schools of 39 Municipalities of Attica.


Upon delivery of the awards, the President of TEXAN, Mr. Apostolos Mourgos, stated the following:

“I am very pleased and honored to be here, being part of this very important institution, which rewards innovative practices that promote green economy and sustainability. Over the last decades, TEXAN has been implementing initiatives aimed at Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable development, environmental protection and the dissemination of the importance of recycling for everyone and especially the young generation. With the program "We donate € 1.000.000 - It's up to you how to allocate it", we send the message that good actions should be rewarded and we enable all our fellow citizens to decide for themselves the companies or organizations that will receive the big prize money of the competition, voting by the end of May."

On behalf of TEXAN, the following individuals were present: Mr. Apostolos Mourgοs, President, Mr. Dimitris Tsouvalas, General Manager, Ms. Aria Dagla, Marketing & Communications Manager, Mr. George Vlachos, Accounting Manager; Mr. Konstantinos Giotis, HR Manager; Ms. Ermina Komninou, Environmentalist.

We warmly thank the President of the Evaluation Committee, Professor of the University of Western Attica, Mrs. Konstantina Scanavi, as well as Boussias Communications for the excellent organization and hospitality.

Mr. Dimitris Tsouvalas General Manager of ΤΕΧΑΝ

On his part, the General Manager of TEXAN, Mr. Dimitris Tsouvalas, stated the following:

"The five awards received by TEXAN today give us the impetus to continue on the path towards a more sustainable planet and to communicate the benefits of the recycling process to our fellow citizens, especially the young people. For this reason, the company successfully implemented the Big Recycling School Competition of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which had a significant impact, and it was with great joy that we observed that the students of the city truly embraced recycling. As part of the initiative, we even rewarded the school departments that collected the most recyclable materials, as a 'thank you' for the effort and willingness they demonstrated. Of course, we are also proceeding with the corresponding Recycling School Competition in Attica."

The Marketing & Communications Manager of TEXAN, Ms. Aria Dagla, remarked:

"For all of us at TEXAN, today's multiple awards give us the drive to take even more actions for the benefit of the environment and society. TEXAN has been a pioneer in recycling in our country for decades, implementing innovative initiatives and always focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental protection, and the promotion of ecological awareness. More initiatives from TEXAN will follow, for a more sustainable planet for all of us and for future generations."

Mrs Aria Dagla, Marketing & Communications Manager της TEXAN
Mr. Dimitris Tsouvalas General Manager, Mr. Apostolos Mourgos President, Mr. George Vlachos Accounting Manager, Mr. Konstantinos Giotis HR Manager