The President of ΤΕΧΑΝ, Mr. Apostοlos Mourgos, spoke to CNN Greece about how TEXAN contributes to the national target, so that Greece becomes the starring figure in the recycling sector across Europe. The company has already installed hundreds of recycling machines throughout Greece.

According to a European Union presentation - study in 2018, the circular economy - having recycling at its core - will be the most important sector for the next 300 years.

TEXAN places special emphasis on its social footprint and on Corporate Social Responsibility actions, having helped in a number of objectives, particularly during the pandemic.

Mr.  Mourgos noted that at TEXAN plant, the most modern and automatic recycling machines on a global scale are produced and that Greece has become a central hub for the entire Europe.

He also elaborated on the great Corporate Social Responsibility action of TEXAN standing at €1,000,000, focusing on the sectors of environment, health, local society and education. This is a highly innovative action, as citizens will decide which 4 proposals will earn the corresponding amount, while the process is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Recycling is a key national priority and TEXAN is ready for big investments