In the framework of the Big Educational Recycling Competition held in 38 Municipalities of Attica, representatives of TEXAN visit schools informing students of Primary and Secondary Education about the importance and value of recycling! ♻️

The importance of recycling as an integral pillar for environmental protection and sustainable development were highlighted by TEXAN executives along with the Gold Medalist in Weightlifting, Mr. Pyrros Dimas, as well as the President of the Association of Greek Olympic Gold Medalists, Mrs. Voula Zygouri, during informative visits at schools in Attica. The above actions are part of the Big Educational Recycling Competition for Primary & Secondary Education students implemented by the company jointly with the Regional Association of Attica Municipalities. 

In particular, Mr. Pyrros Dimas, in the presence of 150 students of the 1st Lyceum (upper secondary education school) in Galatsi, highlighted the values of sports and how they blend with the philosophy and culture of recycling. “The relationship between sports and the natural environment is bidirectional and this is why protecting it and conserving natural resources should be a priority for every athlete. Just as teamwork and cooperation are encouraged through sports, similarly, through this competition implemented by TEXAN, you are given the opportunity to learn about environmental management and circular economy, each one of you making his/her own contribution to the well-being of the planet,” he said.  

The educational visit was attended by the Mayor of Galatsi, Mr. Giorgos Markopoulos, who said the following: “It is my great pleasure to have such initiatives carried out around critical issues, such as climate change and reducing the environmental footprint. It is important to encourage citizens to take action and to educate themselves on the importance of sustainable development. I am sure that the results to be derived from this Competition will exceed the anticipated ones.”  

Mr. Adam Adamopoulos, Headmaster of the 1st Lyceum in Galatsi, added: “This visit is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn and be inspired by Mr. Dimas as role model and develop more conscious practices for recycling and environmental protection.”

At the 2nd Lyceum of Acharnes we had the pleasure and honor to host Mrs. Voula Zygouri, President of the Association of Greek Olympic Gold Medalists and to talk with students of the 3rd class of Lyceum about the necessity of recycling and the overall benefit for society and the environment. We also joined the Multi-purpose Recycling Center of TEXAN in the Municipality of Acharnes recycling all together.

Ms Voula Zygouri referred to the common vision of the Association of Greek Olympic Gold Medalists with TEXAN, i.e. to foster the environmental consciousness of all and especially young people, as well as to raise awareness for the active participation of students in the recycling process.

The President of TEXAN, Mr. Apostolos Mourgos mentioned the following: “At TEXAN, we acknowledge the need for action and education in the field of recycling and we undertake initiatives that positively impact on the environment and society as a whole. Working with the Association of Greek Olympic Gold Medalists is an excellent example of how we can join forces to achieve common goals. Through education and active participation of young people in the recycling process, we create a culture of sustainable development and environmental awareness. Until now, the participation of students has been really impressive throughout Attica, which gives us impetus for other even greater actions in the future.” 

In addition, Mr. Vassileios Salevourakis, Headmaster at the 2nd General High School of Acharnes reported that today’s visit enabled students to realize that recycling and environmental protection are in line with the principles and values embodied by sports. “It is certain that by participating in TEXAN Recycling Educational Competition, not only do they claim lavish gifts but also reap the benefits that will accompany them in their daily lives,” he added. 

Finally, we found ourselves at the 5th Primary School of Dafni, as well as the 4th High School of Dafni! 

In the coming period, further visits will be held at schools in Attica, with the aim of informing more and more students about TEXAN actions.