TEXAN Envipco Hellas Group, a leading packaging recycling company, was a “Founding Sponsor” at the “Economist” conference in Thessaloniki “the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Summit” and at the Green Awards 2021 which awarded the most important environmental actions.  

At the conference entrance, the state-of-the-art plastic packaging recycling machine with sorting at source, of TEXAN Envipco demonstrated in the best possible way that theory is being put into practice yielding tangible results. 

Among those who tested and admired in the context of The Economist, the recycling innovation brought to our country by the TEXAN-Envipco Group  was Mr. Geoffrey Payatt, US Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Mr. Kostas Skrekas, Minister for the Environment & Energy, Mr. Takis Theodorikakos, Minister for Citizens Protection, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, Minister for Development and Investments, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias, Minister of Tourism, Ms Niki Kerameos, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mr. Kostas Tsiaras, Minister of Justice, Mr. Stelios Petsas, Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Prefect of Central Macedonia, Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, Mayor of Thessaloniki, etc

The address delivered by TEXAN Envipco Hellas Group CEO, Mr.Panagiotis Mourgos  were also important.    Mr. Mourgos, at the Economist conference, discussed in a panel with the Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr.      Kostas Skrekas, with US Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt and the head of the European Commission on Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption, Ms Emmanuelle Maire, focusing on the prospects and the crucial role of circular economy, the national targets and the framework for implementation towards a sustainable future.

Mr. Panagiotis Mourgos stated the following : "Northern Greece can and must be an inter-regional development hub in many sectors; one such sector is circular economy. The presence and perseverance of the Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. Kostas Skrekas, resulted in significant and effective actions. Therefore, within a short but rewarding time, we managed to have a new institutional framework for recycling in our country, for the guarantee system for plastic, glass and aluminum packaging, and a system of incentives and disincentives for municipalities, so that they make a substantial contribution to promoting recycling in the country. At the same time, the Hellenic Recycling Agency was upgraded; this drives Greece to becoming an attractive investment destination, attracting new investments and creating new green jobs." Mr. Mourgos also thanked Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt, for his decisive and significant contribution to the investment by the American company Envipco, which first established the factory for rewarding recycling machinery production for the first time outside the US. "As a group, we are proud that this investment has been carried out in our country, in an international competitive environment, but also in an area, i .e. recycling, that will be further strengthened.  This investment will also boost our country's exports, and very soon we will announce our Group's success at a European country competition for the production and supply of rewarding recycling machinery. Envipco technology therefore finds its way into the European continent through our cooperation," he added. In conclusion, he said that "in recycling we must all be a team, as Giannis Antetokounmpo once said, who supports Rewarding Recycling. As a result, through the cooperation of all citizens, stakeholders and the State, it is important to work on promoting recycling, so that we can also be pioneers in this field."

The US Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Geoffrey Payatt  also mentioned in his own address: "Envipco was one of the first American companies to take part in the Greek-American Chamber of Commerce's stand at the Thessaloniki International Fair in 2018 and if I recall correctly, this is when the cooperation with Giannis Antetokounmpo began, even before it became one of the best NBA players. (…) Those of us living in Greece, we experience the disastrous consequences incurred by the disaster on the ecosystems and the environment, as we have witnessed with the recent fire blazes. This clear evidence that we must change behavior; pioneering American companies, like Envipco, will play an important role in making this a reality." 

It is worth noting that the advanced American technology of Envipco equipment enables Greek citizens to recycle plastic, aluminum and glass packaging in the easiest and fastest way around the world. In particular, the multi-purpose recycling machines also allow for the possibility to recycle a mix of packaging, emptying the bags with mixed plastic and metal packaging bags in a single slot, while using the best technologies, recognition is automatic, the separation and compression of packaging, while returning the offered rewarding amount (3€ cents per pack) back to citizens!