Plastic is produced from oil. The production of plastic absorbs 4% of world oil consumption.
40.000 tones of plastic waste every year have an environmental impact in Greece. 70% of these (28.000 tones) end up in the Greek coast.
By recycling 1.000 kilos of plastic: 732 kilos of gas (CO2 eg) causing the greenhouse effect will not be released in the atmosphere.
Τ Plastic bottles need 500 years to decompose in the environment.
8 billion tones of plastic are scattered on the planet.
It only takes 5 recycled plastic bottles only to make enough fiberfill to stuff a ski jacket.
Over 100.000 marine animals die every year from plastic entanglement and ingestion.
Plastics cause more then 80% of the negative effects on marine animals associated with ocean trash.
There are 25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean of that, 269.000 tons float on the surface, while some 4  billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deed sea.
Plastics are coming back and are making human health ….a rubbish! An Extremely topical, interesting and instructive video by the UN Environment Program, the UN Environment Assembly – UNEA shows the path of a plastic bottle of water, from the moment a young man carelessly turns it into a waste until their next calamitous encounter.