TEXAN  has played a leading role in packaging recycling since the 1980s, with the installation, operation and commercial development  of state-of-the-art Recycling Centres  with automatic high-tech recycling machines.

Over the years, ΤΕΧΑΝ has gained considerable know-how and expertise in a variety of environmental management issues, and has won numerous awards and distinctions (either alone or with partner companies) from the Greek government, the European Commission, federations, non-profit organisations, publishers, conferences and other institutions. At the same time, it specialises in implementing the eco-marketing strategies and tactics which are necessary for a modern business.

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Recycling Centres have been used by a large number of companies in the implementation of corporate social responsibility programmes; in sponsorship, advertising and sales promotions; in events and competitions; and in strengthening social objectives etc.

ΤΕΧΑΝ has a packaging recycling plant, a large fleet of vehicles throughout Greece, and a highly qualified and well-trained workforce for all its activities, ensuring the smooth operation and management of the recycling system, constant monitoring throughout Greece, and integrated service for its partners and customers. 

The company works with large international companies and has all the necessary permits and certification to collect, transfer, store and utilise all recyclable materials as defined in the relevant institutional operating framework.

ΤΕΧΑΝ’s goal in the coming years is for the use of Recycling Centres to become widespread, with citizens participating fully in the process so that recycling becomes a way of life for a cleaner environment and a better society.